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In 1968, the U.S. Congress enacted the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act with the mission of preserving the character of rivers for their natural and cultural value.
It is meant to keep certain rivers in the country in free-flowing condition, as well as protect the environment around them for the benefit of future generations. The National Wild and Scenic Rivers System designates rivers that possess outstanding values and prevents the rivers from being damned or altered. As of 2018, 209 rivers totaling 12,754 miles of river in 40 states and Puerto Rico are protected by the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Events are being planned across the country to mark this occasion and work towards greater conservation of the nation's rivers. Each celebration will reflect the nature and culture of the river and its surrounding area. Culligan Southwest is proud to be sponsoring Big Bend Conservancy's 'Celebration Along the Rio Grande' by giving out free, custom-made water bottles highlighting the majestic beauty of the Rio Grande.